Young Vet of the Month – April 2020

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How old are you?

Where do you live?
Grantham, NH

Where do you currently work?
Norwich Solar Technologies – White River Junction, VT

How long did you serve and in which branch?
8 years, Army

What did you take from military service that you still apply in your daily life?
The unique ability to problem solve, to work with a sense of urgency, and an ability to understand multiple and compounding effects of a singular decision. 

What is your favorite memory from military service?
Beyond the comradery and relationships, my single favorite experience was flying over Tora Bora in a contracted helicopter at sunrise in early winter. 

Why did you choose to come back to NH?
I view NH as a truly unique opportunity to work and live in a rural setting but with connections to world class institutions and organizations while also in proximity to Boston and New York City. 

What is your favorite thing about NH?
Natural resources, the “old fashioned” Yankee Ingenuity, and reasonable people.

How did you find out about NHYVN and how has it benefited you personally or professionally?
I found NHYVN as I have a great interest in veteran networking and saw a note about an event they were planning. 

Tell us some fun facts about you!
I am an NH native and attended all my civilian education to-date in NH. I have some unique hobbies including a collection of early 1900s wildlife conservation posters – think Smokey Bear, but more!

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