Young Vet of the Month – May 2020

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How old are you?

Where do you live?
I was born and raised in Colebrook, NH, and currently live in Gilmanton, NH.

Where do you currently work?
I work for the United States Postal Service as a letter carrier.

How long did you serve and in which branch?
I served in the Air Force in Security Forces for 6 years from 1999 to 2005.

What did you take from military service that you still apply in your daily life?
What I’ve taken from my time serving that still applies today is in basic training you learn the Air Force’s three core values, one of which is excellence in all we do. To me that means no matter the task or job you are given and no matter how big or small that task is, it’s extremely important to strive for excellence when accomplishing it. Because this was such an important part of my service, I still feel that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

What is your favorite memory from military service?
I had the opportunity to deploy to Al Udeid Airbase in Qatar less than a week after 9/11. I got to be part of a team that was able to deploy to a base (that was nothing more than a flight line and runway when we arrived) and within a few weeks, an entire tent city was built and was secure enough to have aircraft there. Aircraft from the location we’re supporting bombing missions flown for Operation Enduring Freedom. The feeling of being just a small part of it was special. Some of maybe my favorite memories are of the friends I made during my time. Never before my service or since have I ever had that kind of comradeship. It’s probably what I miss the most.

Why did you choose to come back to NH?
My permanent duty station was Mountain Home AFB, Idaho which we loved. I knew I was getting out and it came right down to the last day to decide whether we were staying in Idaho or coming back to New Hampshire. The two states are similar in a lot of ways – rural with great mountains and tons of things to do outdoors. It really came down to family. My wife and I knew we wanted to start a family soon and just couldn’t see ourselves raising kids that far from our family.

What is your favorite thing about NH?
New Hampshire is a great place to raise a family. We have great schools, it’s safe and I feel like my children have the opportunity to do just about anything they have an interest in.

How did you find out about NHYVN and how has it benefited you personally or professionally?
I learned about NHYVN through Elyssa Alfieri.

Tell us some fun facts about you!
I married my high school sweet heart 20 years ago and now we have an 11-year-old son Kael and a 9-year-old daughter Bristol.

Know a young veteran who you think should be featured?
Let us know!


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